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Going beyond the traditional roots of fashion, DRC ApeParel is a "Cool & Conscious" way of life for street culture enthusiasts, inspired by the global community, who are brave enough to consciously seek apparel that appeals to more than just a sense of style. Our focus is to go beyond the garment. We are cut from a different cloth. The DRC ApeParel Brand activates the fashion, art and cultural aesthetics of Gorilla Street Movements around the globe to increase cross-cultural awareness, and unite the Global Citizens we call “Guerrillas” everywhere, to reach their maximum potential; through our AfroFuturistic creative commentary. 

Our inspiration is sourced from the dynamic street cultures, that continue to recreate themselves throughout the African Diaspora. From the brazen Kings (Leopards) of the Kongo, Brazzaville & Kinshasa Le Sape movement, to the colorful graffiti in Brazil's favelas, to the high-fashion Moorish influences in European culture, to the indigenous Afro-Asiatic communities in the South Pacific and far East:  these are the “Guerrillas”, the people, places and stories that creatively direct DRC's “Global.Street.Conscious” StreetWear and LifeStyle Brand. 

The designs and collections we produce go beyond the garment itself and weave themselves into the social fabric our interconnected world. Through our “Gorilla” Approach of activating the Global.Street.Conscious elements of fashion + art + culture, we create ApeParel that directly impacts the lives of the global communities we collaborate with. So when you purchase a piece from DRC ApeParel, you are helping us sew the thread of potential, sustainability and confidence Guerrillas worldwide. 

We are the high fashion counterculture Gorillas with a purpose. "We are The Cool & The Conscious!"


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